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Husi Tea House is located on the shore of Lugu Lake, the serene lake in the mountains of north Yunnan , China. Lugu is the home of the Musuo, a matrilineal tribe known for its harmonious living arrangements. There are seven thousand Mosuo people living around the lake. They practice a traditional form of relationship called 'walking marriage,' in which the male visits his female partner at night and returns to his mother's house before dawn. Everyone - male and female -- lives with his or her grandmother, the head of the household. It is a unique socio-cultural system that has lasted for hundreds of years and still persists in the face of increasing tourism and modernity. The extraordinary cultural environment and beautiful surroundings enchanted a young Mainland Chinese couple, Tong and Young, who came to the lake in 1998 as tourists, and stayed to open the first tea house at the lake. Husi is a cozy, customer-friendly tea house/cafe, serving a variety of Western and ethnic Chinese foods, with ten rooms offering accommodations for up to twenty guests. The tea house offers spectacular lake views and easy access to the many tourist activities centered around the lake, including Mosuo-led horseback rides, mountain hikes, bus tours, and village excursions. In the evenings, the area comes alive with traditional music, singing, dancing, fireside festivities and barbecues. The tea house attracts visitors from all over the world, not only because of the warm hospitality of Tong and Young, the clean rooms, and the convenient location, but also for the tasty Chinese bread, Yunnan coffee, banana pancakes, delicious omelets, and spicy dishes from Chong-Qing (the Chinese city where this couple came from). Husi Tea house is also the only place in the entire region that provides internet services. What attracts tourists even more is the Mosuo Cultural Center on the second floor of the tea house, a warm gathering place where photographs, books, and artifacts help travelers understand the fascinating history and current cultural environment of the Mosuo people at a deeper level than most tourist experiences can provide. Rooms can be pre-booked: (86)-888-588-1170, email address: bintang0242@163.net.

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